Exercises & Demos

Air Squat Demo w/explanations [wmv][mov]Example of a smooth snatch
Back Extension, Hip Extension, Hip-back Extension [ wmv]
Back Squat (aka Squat) [mpg]
Burpee Demo [wmv]
Clean & Jerk [wmv][mov] Clean [wmv][mov]
Developing Pushups [wmv][mov]
Knees to Elbows Demo [mov][wmv]
Pull-up [rmvb]
Push Jerk [wmv][mov]
Push Jerk (behind the head) [wmv][mov]
Push Press [wmv][mov]
Push Press (behind the head) [wmv][mov]
Push-up Standards [wmv][mov]
Ring Dips [ wmv]
Overhead Squatting Safely [wmv][mov]
Overhead Squat [wmv]
Power Clean [wmv][mov]
Power Snatch [wmv][mov]
Strict vs Kipping Pullup Demo [wmv]
Wall Ball/Karen [mov][wmv]
Walking Lunges [wmv][mov]

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